Easy Fluffy American Style Pancakes

My kids and I love a breakfast pancake – thick and fluffy, the perfect base for soaking up all sorts of delicous toppings – honey, maple syrup, crispy bacon, chocolate spread or some fresh seasonal fruit.   For those that buy pancake mix please STOP!  give these a go, they are easy to make and taste much better.

If you love an American style thick fluffy pancake then give these a try.  We’ve tried loads of different recipes with disappointing “fluffiness” – the trick is to use a lot of baking powder and have a fairly thick mix.

This recipe uses staple ingredients you probably have in the fridge and cupboard.  Everything can be measured into the same jug or bowl to save on washing up and mess and if you like a quick breakfast pancake the mix can be made ahead and left in the fridge over night.


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  1. Please leave a comment if you make these pancakes, i always want to improve recipes and any constructive feedback is really usefull.

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